About the Stars
Color and geometry are building blocks of our world. They support the health of our body, and affect our mood and consciousness.

   The Soul Time Stars are about an experience. The stars are transmitting color, light codes and sacred geometrical shapes that are providing color therapy and assisting our chemical/ physical body in having the frequencies and energy needed to be balanced and healthy. This connects our outer energy field to the body, activating inner codes and awakening a larger sense of who we are. They also create a sense of balance, peace, love, harmony and beauty where ever they are.
​   With so many people experiencing high levels of stress, having a rainbow colored Soul Time Star to assist in connecting within, and feeling love, peace and balance is a great thing. It is time to bring the stars into peoples homes and hearts....

                                                                               The beauty way.
The Family of Stars

Photos of the Stars of Creation

Diamond Star

Double Star

Global Earth Star

Star of Faith

Galactic Star

Star of Expansion

Birthing Star

Star of Awakening

Star of One

Cosmic Star

Inter-dimensional cosmic communication star- Cosmic Star and Global Earth Star

Inter-dimensional cosmic communication star- Global Earth Star and the Star of Faith

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